Live Forex trades and team sessions make the difference.
Training programs fail because students are left to figure it out alone. You need teamwork.

We recognize that active Forex traders have different financial goals. TPL-Forex has created a unique training approach that enables the student/trader to develop a customized and unlimited training flex schedule. The Forex Masters Class allows you to learn at your own pace. We will help you acquire key strategies and skills you need to be successful.

Phase One
1. Introduction to Forex
2. Pips Pairs Potential
3. Charts and Candlesticks
4. Candlestick Patterns
5. Technical Analysis
Phase two
7. Support and Resistance
8. Moving Averages
9. Oscillators
10 Trading Journal
11. Trading Psychology
12. Trading Psychology
13. Trading Methodology
14. Swings
15. Divergence
Phase Three
16. Prelim Trading Plan
17. Trading Time Frames
18. Moving Average Analysis
19. Moving Average Analysis part 2
20. Personalized Trading Plan

More importantly, you’ll be able to learn these skills in a group environment. Our live trading rooms and open forum chats are designed to allow you to create relationships with other beginning traders and experienced traders alike. You will learn more, faster if you can gain answers and insight from multiple sources.

team chalkborad

Our Forex trading coaches, mentors, and your fellow students are there to help you execute the ‘Trading Phase’ or plan for when you are ready to trade. You can follow along as they trade live and use their trading experience to confirm your trading decisions DAILY.

Remember, our goal is not to do it for you or make it seem easy. Our goal is to TEACH YOU HOW. In the live sessions, you will see trades go bad. Trading is a lot like baseball, sometimes you swing and you miss. Here, you will see all angles, not just the upsides. When your coach makes a poor trade, you will see his mistake and most importantly, you will be able to watch him as he shows you how to recover from a less than ideal trade.

If you only see the good trades, you will not be prepared for the bad ones. At TPL4x our goal is to make sure you are prepared for whatever curveballs market might throw your way.


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